Unsaturated Zone Hydrology for Scientists and Engineers

Unsaturated Zone Hydrology for Scientists and Engineers

Download free book Unsaturated Zone Hydrology for Scientists and Engineers from U.S. Geological Survey in pdf format. This book presents systematic, integrated A-to-Z coverage of state-of-the-art unsaturated zone hydrology.


Multi-disciplinary in approach, it provides both a soil physics and an engineering approach to unsaturated zone hydrology. Coverage begins with the basic physical properties and the behavior of clays, and moves on to contaminant transport and other parameters such as spatial variability, scaling, and fractals in the earth sciences.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction and Brief History
  • Physical Properties and Characteristics of Soils
  • Behavior of Clay-Water Systems
  • Potential of Thermodynamics of Soil Water
  • Chemical Properties and Principles of Soil Water
  • Principles of Water Flow in Soils
  • Saturated Water Flow in Soil
  • Unsaturated Water Flow in Soil
  • Transport of Heat and Gas in Soil and at the Surface
  • Contaminant Transport
  • Effects of Infiltration and Drainage on Soil-Water Redistribution
  • Field Water in Soils
  • Applied Soil Physics: Modeling Water, Solute, and Vapor Movement
  • Drainage in Soil Water and Ground Water
  • Soil Remediation Techniques
  • Spatial Variability, Scaling, and Fractals

Book Details

Author(s): James A. Tindall and James R. Kunkel.
Format(s): PDF
Number of pages: 624
Link: Download.

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