The MPEG-4 Structured Audio Book

The goal of this book is to show how to use SAOL, SASL, and the other MP4-SA tools to create these two types of content.


We assume some familiarity with computer programming and algorithms, audio signal processing, and music and sound. This tutorial introduction shows how to write programs using the MP4-SA programming language SAOL (pronounced sail) and the MP4-SA score language SASL (pronounced sassil) to create audio content. We start with a simple programming example, and add more features to introduce different aspects of SAOL and SASL.

Table of Contents

  • Numbers and Variables
  • Expressions and Statements
  • Simple Core Opcodes
  • Wavetables
  • Buses and Execution Order
  • The SASL Score Language
  • MIDI Instrument Control
  • SAOL Instrument Control
  • Sound Synthesis Core Opcodes
  • Filter Core Opcodes
  • Signal Processing Core Opcodes
  • User-Defined Opcodes
  • Debugging SAOL Programs
  • Templates
  • The Slib Library
  • AudioUnit Plug-Ins

Book Details

Author(s): John Lazzaro and John Wawrzynek
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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