Manufacturing the Future

Manufacturing the Future

The primary goal of “Manufacturing the Future”, by V. Kordic, A. Lazinica and M. Merdan, is to cover the state-of-the-art development and future directions in modern manufacturing systems.


This interdisciplinary and comprehensive volume, consisting of 30 chapters, covers a survey of trends in distributed manufacturing, modern manufacturing equipment, product design process, rapid prototyping, quality assurance, from technological and organisational point of view and aspects of supply chain management.

Table of Contents

  • Multi-Agent Based Distributed Manufacturing
  • The Cobasa Architecture as an Answer to Shop Floor Agility
  • Development of Holonic Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Bio-Inspired Approach for Autonomous Routing in FMS
  • Modular Machining Line Design and Reconfiguration: Some Optimization Methods
  • Flexible Manufacturing System Simulation Using Petri Nets
  • Applications of Petri Nets to Human-in-the-Loop Control for Discrete Automation Systems
  • Application Similarity Coefficient Method to Cellular Manufacturing
  • Maintenance Management and Modeling in Modern Manufacturing Systems
  • Zadehian Paradigms for Knowledge Extraction in Intelligent Manufacturing
  • PURE: A Fuzzy Model for Product Upgradability and Reusability Evaluation for Remanufacture
  • Distributed Architecture for Intelligent Robotic Assembly Part I: Design and Multimodal Learning
  • Distributed Architecture for Intelligent Robotic Assembly Part II: Design of the Task Planner
  • Distributed Architecture for Intelligent Robotic Assembly Part III: Design of the Invariant Object Recognition System
  • Assembly Sequence Planning Using Neural Network Approach
  • Evolutionary Optimisation of Mechanical Structures or Systems
  • Improving Machining Accuracy Using Smart Materials
  • Concurrent Process Tolerancing Based on Manufacturing Cost And Quality Loss
  • Optimize Variant Product Design Based on Component Interaction Graph
  • Applying a Hybrid Data Mining Approach in Machining Operation for Surface Quality Assurance
  • Sequential Design of Optimum Sized and Geometric Tolerances
  • A New Rapid Tooling Process
  • SCM Innovation for Business Globalization Based on Coupling Point Inventory Planning
  • Relative Control and Management Philosophy
  • Multidimensional of Manufacturing Technology, Organizational Characteristics, and Performance
  • Engineering Change Management in Distruted Environment with PDM/PLM Support
  • Study of Flexibility and Adaptability in Distributed Supply Chains
  • An Autonomous Decentralized Supply Chain Planning and Scheduling System
  • Simulation Modeling and Analysis of the Impacts of Component Commonality and Process Flexibility on Integrated Supply Chain Network Performance
  • On Direct Adaptive Control for Uncertain Dynamical Systems – Synthesis and Applications

Book Details

Author(s): V. Kordic, A. Lazinica and M. Merdan (Editors)
Publisher: Pro Literatur Verlag
Format(s): PDF, Online
File size: 25.15 MB
Number of pages: 908
Link: Download or read online.

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