What’s a Microcontroller?

Free eBook: What's a Microcontroller?

Download free eBook “What’s a Microcontroller?” from Parallax. This text answers the question “What’s a microcontroller?” by showing students how they can design their own customized, intelligent inventions with Parallax Inc.’s BASIC Stamp® microcontroller module.


The activities in this text incorporate a variety of fun and interesting experiments designed to appeal to a student’s imagination by using motion, light, sound, and tactile feedback to explore new concepts. These activities introduce students to a variety of basic principles in the fields of computer programming, electricity and electronics, mathematics, and physics. Many of the activities facilitate hands-on presentation of design practices used by engineers and technicians in the creation of modern machines and appliances, while using common inexpensive parts.

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started
  • Lights On – Lights Off
  • Digital Input – Pushbuttons
  • Controlling Motion
  • Measuring Rotation
  • Digital Display
  • Measuring Light
  • Frequency and Sound
  • Electronic Building Blocks
  • Prototyping Your Own Inventions

Book Details

Author(s): Andy Lindsay
Format(s): PDF
File size: 4.97 MB
Number of pages: 354
Link: Download.

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