Flexible Circuit Technology

Flexible Circuit Technology

Flexible Circuit Technology is available in pdf format.


This book was written to provide a bridge of understanding by offering a clearly defined set of steps which take the reader from basic concepts of flexible circuits to a more detailed review of the various technology and materials that must be brought together to create these modern wonders of electronic interconnection wizardry.

Table of Contents

  • Flexible Circuit Technology Overview
  • Flex Circuit Drives
  • Benefits Applications
  • Flexible Circuit Materials
  • Implementing Flexible Circuit Technology
  • Practical Design Guidelines for Flex
  • Flex Circuit Manufacturing Processes
  • Flexible Circuit Assembly
  • Inspection and test of Circuits
  • Documentation Needs for Flex Circuits
  • Flex Circuits Specifications

Book Details

Author(s): Joseph Fjelstad
Format(s): PDF
File size: 12.19 MB
Number of pages: 237
Link: Download.

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