Electromagnetism for Electronic Engineers

Electromagnetism for Electronic Engineers

Download free eBook “Electromagnetism for Electronic Engineers” by Richard Carter in pdf format. This introduction to electromagnetic theory emphasises applications in electronic engineering.


The book explores the relationship between fundamental principles and the idealisations of electric circuit theory. Attention is drawn to the effects of parasitic capacitance and inductance, to electromagnetic screening and to the effects of propagation delay. The text includes numerical and approximate methods for calculating resistance capacitance and inductance. With its clear presentation of both theoretical and practical topics this is an ideal introductory text for degree students.

Table of Contents

  • Electrostatics in free space
  • Dielectric materials and capacitance
  • Steady electric currents
  • The magnetic effects of electric currents
  • The magnetic effects of iron
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Transmission lines
  • Maxwell’s equations and electromagnetic waves

Book Details

Author(s): Richard Carter
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.70 MB
Number of pages: 160
Link: Download.

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