DSP: Designing for Optimal Results

DSP: Designing for Optimal Results

This book is a must-read for DSP designers who want to tap the power of the VirtexT-4 XtremeDSPT Slice.


It provides a detailed description of the multiple features of the slice as well as providing multiple examples that show you how to harness the power and flexibility of this powerful IP block.

Table of Contents

  • Digital Signal Processing Design Challenges
  • XtremeDSP Design Considerations
  • DSP48 Slice Math Functions
  • MAC FIR Filters
  • Parallel FIR Filters
  • Semi-Parallel FIR Filters
  • Multi-Channel FIR Filters

Book Details

Author(s): Gregg C. Hawkes
Format(s): PDF
File size: 941.93 KB
Number of pages: 116
Link: Download.

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