Computer Aids for VLSI Design

Computer Aids for VLSI Design

“Computer Aids for VLSI Design”by Steven Rubin presents a broad and coherent view of the computational tools available to the VLSI designer.


This book contains insights and information that will be valuable both to chip designers and to tool builders. Modern VLSI computer aided design (CAD) systems allow the chip designer to access in a consistent and convenient way a variety of synthesis and analysis tools. Such tools have advanced considerably in the past several years, both in their scope and in their ability to handle large designs.

Table of Contents

  • The Characteristics of Digital Electronic Design
  • Design Environments
  • Representation
  • Synthesis Tools
  • Static Analysis Tools
  • Dynamic Analysis Tools
  • The Output of Design Aids
  • Programmability
  • Graphics
  • Human Engineering
  • Electric

Book Details

Author(s): Steven M. Rubin
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 318
Link: Read online.

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