Circuit Analysis

Circuit Analysis

Download free eBook “Circuit Analysis” in pdf format or read it online from Google Books. This introductory text on circuit analysis for undergraduate courses follows a logical development of topics. The topology of networks is stressed with the aid of graph theory. Worked examples throughout together with chapter problems, solutions and tutor.


This text presents the fundamentals of circuit analysis in a way suitable for first and second year undergraduate courses in electronic or electrical engineering. It is very much a ‘theme text’ and not a work book. The author is at pains to follow the logical thread of the subject, showing that the development of topics, one from the other, is not ad hoc as it can sometimes appear. A case in point is the application of graph theory to justify the derivation of the Node- and Mesh-equations from the more extensive set of Kirchhoff current and voltage equations. The topology of networks is stressed, again with the aid of graph theory.

Table of Contents

  • Network Equations
  • Network Theorems
  • Networks with Inductors and Capacitors
  • The Laplace Transform in Network Analysis
  • The Fourier Series and Fourier Transform
  • The Frequency Response of Networks
  • Power Dissipation and Energy Storage in Networks

Book Details

Author(s): John E. Whitehouse
Publisher: Horwood Publishing Limited
Format(s): Google Books (Online)
Number of pages: 200
Link: Read online.

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