Chemical Thermodynamics

Chemical Thermodynamics

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This book deals with the application of thermodynamics to the description of the properties of materials. It covers the qualitative behavior of single and multicomponent mixtures, including vapor-liquid, liquid-liquid, and solid-liquid phase equilibria. It also explains the use of activity coefficient models and equations of state for the quantitative prediction of phase behavior and chemical reaction equilibria. The guide assumes a prior basic understanding of first and second laws of thermodynamics and multivariate calculus.

Table of Contents

  • Single Component Systems
  • Multicomponent Systems
  • The ideal solution model
  • Partial molar properties
  • Non ideal solutions
  • Stability
  • Solid-liquid equilibrium
  • Gas solubility and Henry’s Law
  • Equations of state
  • Thermodynamics from equations of state
  • Chemical reaction equilibria

Book Details

Author(s): Leo Lue
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.10 MB
Number of pages: 90
Link: Download.

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