Building ICC Profiles – The Mechanics and Engineering

A book has been written to aid ICC profile users in reading and writing the tags of profiles. This book deals only with the mechanics of the getting the data in and out of a profile, not the color science of developing the table data.


All the code shown in the book is provided as C code which can be compiled and run on Unix or Windows systems. This book addresses the structure of an ICC profile, methods for getting data into and out of the profile and suggestions for making the lookup tables (LUTS) more accurate or smaller. Code samples are provided in C for reading and writing the profile tags.

Table of Contents

  • ICC Profile Overview
  • Tags, Datatypes and Encodings Cross Reference
  • ICC Profile Processing Models
  • Dissecting Display Profiles
  • Dissecting Input Profiles
  • Dissecting Printer Profiles
  • Dissecting Other Profile Types

Book Details

Author(s): Dawn Wallner
Format(s): PDF
File size: 865 KB
Number of pages: 281
Link: Download.

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